What is COhatch Marketplace?

We believe that the best shopping experiences and business transactions happen in person with people we know and trust. With COhatch Marketplace, you can see the connections to your food, your services, and your products. It’s that simple!

A New Way to Buy, Sell, and Support Local.

Our goal is to gather local buyers and sellers to help them grow their businesses, live the life they want to, and do it all locally instead of buying from big box stores and brands. All Fresh & Local goods can be picked up close to home at your local Farmers Market. Everything else can be shipped directly to you.

Growing Local Businesses
& Start-Ups.

If you just knew the talent in your back yard! We want to show you all that your community has to offer. Know your service provider, save money by working with other members, meet and invest in local start-ups, and rent a vacation home from someone you know! All to keep your dollars local and drive better experiences.

Supporting Farmers Markets & Nonprofits.

Nonprofits, producers, and makers are the backbone of so many communities and we want to make them stronger. Every time you purchase a product, a portion of the proceeds go directly to support your local Farmers Market or to our Give Scholarship where we enable local nonprofits to thrive.

Meet YOur Vendors

Meet your local community of makers, producers, artisans, and do-gooders. COhatch Marketplace is the digital home to local businesses, innovators, and communities who are making a difference just up the road and down the street.

Take a Look Inside Marketplace

Live an integrated life at COhatch. A new kind of work and social space built in the communities in which we work and live.
COhatch Marketplace
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