About Cohatch Marketplace

Learn more about how and why we started Marketplace to support our communities.

What is COhatch Marketplace?

COhatch Marketplace is a multi-vendor platform that allows you to discover and connect with local farmers, producers, service providers, and start-ups in your community. By giving you a face or local business to put with a product or service, you’re doing business where it matters most: right down the street from where you live. Our goal with COhatch Marketplace is to help our communities, farmers, producers, makers, and everyone else move the needle forward and bring their visions to life. We’re not a big box store looking to drive up costs or eliminate Farmers Markets or small businesses. We want to support the people that matter most, our neighbors and our community, by giving them an extra set of hands to get their goods and services into people who need them.

Make your dollars matter. Shop small, shop local. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our local producers, makers, farmers, and entrepreneurs with a new way to grow their customer base without all the baggage of other e-commerce platforms. By working with nonprofits, Farmers Markets, and local organizations we are working to provide our communities with new ways to shop small and local without having to go too far from home to do it. Here’s how we’re helping our communities and local economies grow without all the hullabaloo.

  • Our platform allows businesses to grow on COhatch Marketplace at a reasonable price.
  • COhatch Marketplace members and website visitors are able to support local nonprofits, Farmers Markets, and more through every subscription and purchase made on our site.
  • COhatch Marketplace alongside COhatch donates GIVE Scholarships to nonprofits every year through the profits made on our platform alongside other donations made at the point of purchase.
  • We work directly with Farmers Markets and their staff to ensure that as many local producers, makers, and farmers get access to our platform.
Live an integrated life at COhatch. A new kind of work and social space built in the communities in which we work and live.
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