Our Impact

See how we're helping your communities with every purchase made.

Every brand and business has a mission statement these days. But what most companies leave out is their impact. Well, we’re here to tell you we’re not forgetting about the people who provide for us up the road and down the street from where we work, meet, and live. We created COhatch Marketplace to deliver REAL impact for REAL people. And that’s what we’re doing.

With Your Help, We Support…

Local Farmers Markets & Makers

With every Fresh & Local or Handcrafted Goods purchase made, you’re supporting local food producers and makers right down the street. Your dollars help real people like you.

Local Nonprofits & Start-Ups

Through our GIVE Scholarship fund and our Start-Ups platform, we are able to provide funding, assistance, and volunteers for local organizations with every new member and purchase.

The Local Economy

It’s said for every $1 spent locally, $4 is put back into the local economy. Our goal is to make it easier to shop small and local, giving more back to our neighborhoods.

See Our Impact Across Our Communities

GIVE Scholarships Given to Nonprofits to Help Them Continue Their Mission​
Local Producers, Sellers, and Makers Using Our Platform to Grow Their Business
% of all Marketplace Sales Donated to Local Farmers Markets and Nonprofits

How Do We Support Everything Local?

Yeah, yeah…everyone says they support local businesses, right? Well here’s how we actually contribute to our communities so you know where your dollars are going and how they matter.


Our goal is to give as much as we receive and then some. We are focused and determined to help our local communities grow and stay healthy through every season. Through GIVE Scholarship and our Marketplace donations, we are able to contribute to those doing the hard work in our communities.


Sure, you can order from one of the big box stores, but at COhatch Marketplace we want you to know that your dollars don’t affect big business. Instead, we focus on local sellers, producers, and businesses because the people that matter most are the ones closest to us (not some Joe Schmoe worth $1 billion.)


We are committed to partnering with local businesses, producers, and makers because they’re real people with real passions and families. Supporting their business is more than just dollars spent. Every time you purchase from a small business, that person does a happy dance, and so do we!
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