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InnTown Stays

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Getting your life back to normal isn’t easy

We’re helping to get families out of hotels and save insurance companies money by building technology  that connects people with fully-equipped homes in their neighborhood or town.

After a disaster strikes, take back your peace of mind and start rebuilding your home and your life.​

More About Our Company

Billions of dollars in property losses occur every year in the US. When a disaster strikes, oftentimes, individuals and families are thrust into hotels out of convenience, instead of getting them into a more suitable home. Nearly 100% of the time, those affected end up staying in a hotel for weeks and months on end. We started InnTown Stays to help people transition faster into a fully-equipped short-term rental home during these types of events. Our innovative software platform will find homes nearby and notify policyholders of home options instead of hotels as soon as their temporary housing claim is created. InnTown Stays’ automated messaging system is powering these interactions and providing fully-equipped homes to the people who need them as soon as they need them.

Our Team

BJ Allmon, CEO
& Co-Founder

Thom Leiter, COO
& Co-Founder

Jorge Sanclemente, CCO
& Co-Founder

Funding Goal: $1.5M
% to goal 53%

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